The mission of the company is to combine the virtual and physical worlds. We work to further develop Augmented Reality and other technologies that allow the creation of new experiences based on mixing the virtual and the physical.

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Have you heard about AR? Discover new possibilities based on this technology.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that combines the virtual and physical worlds. Such technology allows one to add ( or augment ) the environment with computer generated multimedia content, i.e.: text, image, video and/or audio. In order to experience AR applications, one just needs a device with a camera and access to the internet.

We offer a new media channel that supports instantaneous updates. One can author and disseminate multimedia content anywhere in the world. This new channel allows the development of novel user experiences, and interaction with the physical environment.

Daily activities can be a new experience and gain a new dimension when enhanced by augmented reality. The applications are many: geolocated timetables for public transportation; price and information about services and products; integration with social networks, etc. Such information would be presented when relevant to the user. The advantage is not only the easy of use, but the availability of a mobile service that addresses the needs of the user.


Start mixing the physical and virtual worlds. Explore the novel interaction possibilities offered by Augmented Reality.